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Hello My Savvy Entrepreneur Friend!

Okay…whoa…it’s hard to believe that we’re in the 4th quarter.  The last few months of 2016 are happening right now…but we still have time to organize a few more important “brand details” that will help you and your business really “get it together” before the end of the year. If you’re like me…you’re thinking ahead, making lists and planning your business goals for the upcoming year. Just like PART 2 of your branding journey, this exercise will encourage you to do be creative and do a little deep thinking. It’s another way you’ll be able hone in on the awesomeness of your brand by refining, perfecting and building on the overall goodness that you have goin’ on . This installment of BLISS AND TELL BRANDING 101 goes hand-in-hand with DEFINING YOUR BRAND STATEMENT and is another “must do” step to creating the right brand to represent your products/services.  I’m certain this post will generate a big “AH-HAH” moment for you as it does for most of our clients.

As principal and creative director of BLISS AND TELL I’m firm believer that life is better and business is better when you’re in good company.  If you align your business with people you want to work with, it doesn’t ever feel like work…for anyone.  We carefully choose the projects we take on and love to work with BLISS AND TELL dream clients…and they love to work with us.  Meetings are fun, our clients value our expertise and our business relationship extends way beyond the original project turning into lasting relationships + continuous work. Landing your dream client(s) will make both your business AND personal life more enjoyable, successful and profitable. So…WHO, exactly, IS YOUR DREAM CLIENT?

Often, during the design + branding process, our clients discover some sort of disconnect between the business they want and the clientele they currently have. (Which explains why they’ve hired us).  I hear things like “We’re currently working with clients like…(insert description here)“…but…”We’d really like to have clients like….(insert description here)”. My company believes that helping you build a business based on passion and purpose goes hand-on-hand with getting the right client.  Understanding your dream client is a pretty big deal to us, and should be a big deal for you too. 

It’s important to have a clear understanding of what your business is all about which you previously read about in my last post regarding- “WHAT DO YOU REALLY KNOW ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS?”  The uber important BRAND STATEMENT (you know…the core values,  philosophy and personality of your business) goes hand-in-hand with the a list of attributes you’ll want to uncover about your dream client.  Aligning your BRAND STATEMENT and DREAM CLIENT description will help you realize the steps your brand needs to take to attract your ideal kind of business.

Okay, so how do you do it?  How do you define your dream client?  For starters…broad ideas like “I want clients like….” will not make it easy for your dream client to find you or for you to market to them. Start by visualizing your dream client.  Once you can see that person in your mind…start to jot down a description of their personality, habits, their typical day etc.  What is their income level, relationship status, education level?   What stage of their career are they in?  What are their hobbies and passions?  What do they read/watch?   With more details provided about your Dream Client, you will have a better understand about their environment, behavior, concerns and aspirations  — the influencers that make them purchase goods and services. The greater clarity you have with regard to your brand and your ideal customer, the more focused and effective your efforts will be.

We’ve made it easy for you to gain a better vision/idea of your dream client with this printable (above). Just remember that once you’ve defined your dream client…it doesn’t mean that you kick your current clientele to the curb.  It just means that you might wanna start switching gears, and focus your efforts on getting the business you want.  Which, by the way, should be less daunting now that you understand the niche you’re in…and who you’re selling to.  So, get to it!!! Create that dream client profile and consider it another layer of the strong brand foundation your building for your business which is also a sure fire way to keep those dream clients rolling in.

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Take a breath…and as you exhale… please recognize that the feeling you might be experiencing (ya’ know…that ache in your gut,
that little tug at your heart)
is a great thing.  It’s the same feeling that fueled your initial ideas, sparked your entrepreneurial journey
and got you where you (and your business) are today.   

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