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Hello My Savvy Entrepreneur Friend!

Okay…whoa…it’s hard to believe that we’re in the 4th quarter.  The last few months of 2016 are happening right now…but we still have time to organize a few more important “brand details” that will help you and your business really “get it together” before the end of the year. If you’re like me…you’re thinking ahead, making lists and planning your business goals for the upcoming year. Just like PART 2 of your branding journey, this exercise will encourage you to do be creative and do a little deep thinking. It’s another way you’ll be able hone in on the awesomeness of your brand by refining, perfecting and building on the overall goodness that you have goin’ on . This installment of BLISS AND TELL BRANDING 101 goes hand-in-hand with DEFINING YOUR BRAND STATEMENT and is another “must do” step to creating the right brand to represent your products/services.  I’m certain this post will generate a big “AH-HAH” moment for you as it does for most of our clients.

As principal and creative director of BLISS AND TELL I’m firm believer that life is better and business is better when you’re in good company.  If you align your business with people you want to work with, it doesn’t ever feel like work…for anyone.  We carefully choose the projects we take on and love to work with BLISS AND TELL dream clients…and they love to work with us.  Meetings are fun, our clients value our expertise and our business relationship extends way beyond the original project turning into lasting relationships + continuous work. Landing your dream client(s) will make both your business AND personal life more enjoyable, successful and profitable. So…WHO, exactly, IS YOUR DREAM CLIENT?

Often, during the design + branding process, our clients discover some sort of disconnect between the business they want and the clientele they currently have. (Which explains why they’ve hired us).  I hear things like “We’re currently working with clients like…(insert description here)“…but…”We’d really like to have clients like….(insert description here)”. My company believes that helping you build a business based on passion and purpose goes hand-on-hand with getting the right client.  Understanding your dream client is a pretty big deal to us, and should be a big deal for you too. 

It’s important to have a clear understanding of what your business is all about which you previously read about in my last post regarding- “WHAT DO YOU REALLY KNOW ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS?”  The uber important BRAND STATEMENT (you know…the core values,  philosophy and personality of your business) goes hand-in-hand with the a list of attributes you’ll want to uncover about your dream client.  Aligning your BRAND STATEMENT and DREAM CLIENT description will help you realize the steps your brand needs to take to attract your ideal kind of business.

Okay, so how do you do it?  How do you define your dream client?  For starters…broad ideas like “I want clients like….” will not make it easy for your dream client to find you or for you to market to them. Start by visualizing your dream client.  Once you can see that person in your mind…start to jot down a description of their personality, habits, their typical day etc.  What is their income level, relationship status, education level?   What stage of their career are they in?  What are their hobbies and passions?  What do they read/watch?   With more details provided about your Dream Client, you will have a better understand about their environment, behavior, concerns and aspirations  — the influencers that make them purchase goods and services. The greater clarity you have with regard to your brand and your ideal customer, the more focused and effective your efforts will be.

We’ve made it easy for you to gain a better vision/idea of your dream client with this printable (above). Just remember that once you’ve defined your dream client…it doesn’t mean that you kick your current clientele to the curb.  It just means that you might wanna start switching gears, and focus your efforts on getting the business you want.  Which, by the way, should be less daunting now that you understand the niche you’re in…and who you’re selling to.  So, get to it!!! Create that dream client profile and consider it another layer of the strong brand foundation your building for your business which is also a sure fire way to keep those dream clients rolling in.

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Take a breath…and as you exhale… please recognize that the feeling you might be experiencing (ya’ know…that ache in your gut,
that little tug at your heart)
is a great thing.  It’s the same feeling that fueled your initial ideas, sparked your entrepreneurial journey
and got you where you (and your business) are today.   

Catch-up on the first 2 posts of the BLISS AND TELL BRANDING 101 series.





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we’re switchin’ things up a bit
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Okay, so it’s the end of the season …and not too late to do some spring cleaning here in the B&T STUDIO + OFFICE. This means we’re all working to organize everything we need and actually use while saying “bah-bye” to the stuff that’s adding extra weight to our heavy project load.  You know…getting rid of the paper swatches and ribbon samples from old projects…tossing outdated files (physically and digitally)…organizing boxes and boxes of collateral material printed for past clients etc. That being said…I’m also cleanin’ up the B&T mailing list.

Cleanin’ house has allowed me to really see how much my company has experienced, improved and grown since you first signed-up to follow B&T.  Sharing blog posts about our projects, inspiring design ideas, peaks into our studio and favorite stylish products proved to be popular…at the time growing our following to 4k.  However we’re changing the email subscription format to focus solely on the monthly BLISS AND TELL BRANDING 101 which has proven to be more beneficial to our readers/clients.  I invite you to PLEASE STAY and subscribe to the monthly newsletter email list so you can take charge of your own branding journey, get my design + branding tips, insider resources etc.


We’re giving away these super cute canvas tote bags from a sweet company we love to work with…DREAMSTATE.  
If you think the updated newsletter format is a good fit for you we’re giving away a bag to every 10th subscriber (up till the 40th email address we get)


Below are exclusive links to the first 2 months of the series.
Check it out…see whatcha think as I look forward to sharing lotsa brand building ‘things’
with you during the remainder of the year. 






can you, in a brief statement, explain exactly what your business/company is about?
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Hello My Savvy Entrepreneur Friend! 
Welcome to the second installment of BLISS AND TELL BRANDING 101 and your monthly dose of design + branding reality!  
Before we begin part 2 of your branding journey, I want to tell you how thrilled I am to hear from so many of the BLISS AND TELL friends.  Thank you for the awesome emails and  lovely comments as a result of the first BLISS AND TELL BRANDING 101 post.  I understand you’re excited to learn how YOU can change your brand and your business starting today…starting now! So grab that third cup of coffee (or bev’ of choice) and get ready to start refining, and perfecting what you’ve currently got going on with your brand. Today we’re really going to evaluate your brand, and confirm that you understand what your brand is.

Some of our clients come to BLISS AND TELL with a piecemeal brand as a result of desperate thinking, rushed decision making and mixed marketing messages.  Far too many businesses have sloppy brands and I don’t want your company to be one of them.  So let’s do this… let me guide you toward growing a strong brand which is built from thoughtful strategy, a defined brand statement and a solid brand foundation.

In my previous post, we already covered that your logo is not your brand.  Your brand is the all-encompassing vibe of your company.  The vibe of your business is defined by the purpose, vision, personality and values of the company.  According to FORBES “Every brand makes a promise. But in a marketplace in which consumer confidence is low and budgetary vigilance is high, it’s not just making a promise that separates one brand from another, but having a defining purpose.  Let me repeat…a defining purpose, a core purpose, what we call a “brand statement.”  You want your clientele to remember the overall essence of your company, not just the logo or website.   While a logo, website and even catchy phrase might clarify your brand and make it more memorable, they are only expressions of your company’s purpose and personality. 

Here at BLISS AND TELL we spend weeks collaborating with our clients to research & discover the brand statement of their company before we even begin to think about the design side of their project. Defining the brand statement for your business, which might feel like a daunting task, is absolutely necessary as it is the driving force which all of your company behaviors and actions align. Aw, c’mon…this stuff is exciting but you’re going to need to dig deep as crafting a concise, well  defined ‘brand statement’  of your business will take some concentrated effort…(no doubt). However, with the right amount of soul searching, decision making and a bit of data gathering you’re sure to uncover what the true purpose of your business is.

Let’s work through 4 brand defining topics that you’ll need (and want) to know in order to produce your very own brand statement. Start by defining defining important details that will help you …start by printing this brand statement worksheet:



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

C A S E   S T U D Y :  Take for example a large project we recently completed.  Our client is an interior designer with her own home-decor & textile collection and the owner of 3 retail home-decor stores.  It’s pretty easy to define that brand – –  a designer with a product line that owns a shop right?  But to build a brand around her talent, her products and her store(s), we first needed to determine specifically what kind of design-style she focuses on and what kind of client she is targeting before any brand identity/design can begin.  We were mindful of her vision, defined her ideal “dream client,” understood the purpose of her product, style of service and other details customers might expect from her, her products and her store(s).

After many weeks of collaboration, research and working through the BLISS AND TELL branding process my clients’ brand statement became clear. In one brief explanation we were able to define what her company is all about. Not only did we create a concise brand statement that became our working guide to building a strong brand foundation for her business…we witnessed our client clearly define her vision and goals for the first time, she gathered more insight about her industry than ever before and ultimately gained so much more confidence about herself (as an entrepreneur) and her rapidly growing company.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I challenge you to write down what you think your brand-statement is.  Yep, right now, jot it down on a piece of paper that you’ll leave out and visible at your desk, on your counter or taped to your computer.  Know that what you write down today will change and refine as you begin this lil’ branding journey.  I promise you that your efforts will reap reward. I hope you’re excited about what you’re about to discover about your brand and experience how your business will immediately benefit from the brand work your doing now. Can you, in a brief statement, explain exactly what your company/business is about? That’s all you need to do before we connect again next month and take another step toward a better business brand.

WHOA!!!!  Once again…take a breath…and as you exhale… please recognize that the feeling you might be experiencing (ya’ know…that ache in your gut,
that little tug at your heart) 
is a great thing.  It’s the same feeling that fueled your initial ideas, sparked your entrepreneurial journey
and got you where you (and your business) are today.   

I hope you’ll join me throughout the upcoming year as I reveal more design + branding “must-do’s”
in the monthly B&T newsletter along with design inspiration, branding insight and other exclusive goodies. 


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CLIENT : ALSYE | just a peak…

i’ve always said that “great design takes time”, and B&T collaboration with ALYSE will be wrapping up soon with the launch of a gorge new website + shop full beautiful hand-crafted products.  in the meantime we wanted to share some new views of the brand we created and how ALYSE is putting it all together!


:: love to see the rustic-boho look of the custom logo on a sign created by BIRCH BARN ::


the B&T weekend gig is lots of fun…and we’ve got some creative workshops scheduled from now through september.  here are just a few current listings with spots available.  grab a friend and reserve your spot(s) cause yummy sips, treats and good vibes are always happening at GIFT AND GATHER.




CREATIVE COLLABS | if you build it…they will come

don’t you just love when things fall into place for you.  you know…when you put ‘energy’ out into the universe and somehow (with a little bit of work too) ‘things’ all work out. that’s exactly how GIFT AND GATHER has come about and the response from lots of locals and many beach tourists has been amazing.  it’s been really fun to see how the B&T local studio space is evolving and the growing connections with others that love being creative too.

so excited that the remainder of the summer is filled with great workshops + courses.  if you’re a local to san diego (carlsbad village) then you’ll want to sign up for the GIFT AND GATHER NEWSLETTER  for workshop/event dates as well as exclusive offers + discounts.

H A P P E N I N G   I N    A U G U S T

INSTApic2 copy(photo credit: honestlywtf )


INDUSTRIAL-CHIC BRACELET (a morning “make, take + mingle”)
SATURDAY  |   AUGUST 15  |  10am – 11:30’ish am

:   :   :   :   :

‘CREATIVES’ GRAPHICS COURSE   (B&T has teamed up with the fashion savvy STYLE YOUR LIFE )
SATURDAY  |  AUGUST 22  |  10am – 12:00’ish pm

:   :   :   :   :

BLOG1letter sparrow facebook  |  letter sparrow etsy )

SATURDAY  |  AUGUST 22  |  3:00pm – 5:00pm
(sign-up coming soon)

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coming soon
(details tbd – stay tuned)

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still in the works…cool collabs with some creative and business savvy gals:
( stay tuned )

i hope you’re enjoying the beautiful summer season, finding inspiration all around you and following your creative heart along the way.



things around the studio have been crazy-busy and this studio photo reminds me of what our clean, well-kept studio normally looks like.  a sweet reminder that we have a lot of cleaning up…and organizing to do before the summer workload begins.

so many cool projects have wrapped-up…which means i need to begin thinking about styling vignettes for the next photo shoot sesh of the several things we’ve been working on. here’s a peak at the design + branding work completed. full design pictures will be on the BLISS AND TELL BRANDING COMPANY PORTFOLIO page very soon.





:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::  L A S T   D A Y   T O   S I G N – U P ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
this weekend at

G I F T   A N D   G A T H E R


I N D U S T R I A L  –  C H I C   B R A C E L E T
who knew sparkly supplies from the hardware store could be so chic?
the perfect “blingy” accessory for your summer style.
get “hex-nutty” while enjoying good vibes, coffee and treats.

swing by in the mornin’ …anytime between 9:00 and 11:00


 (photo credit: bliss and tell branding company  |  honestlywtf )



this past weekend B&T opened GIFT AND GATHER. as a “creative extension” to my design + branding business we charmed-up the garage of an old 1940’s cottage and now this funky & local studio operates on ‘weekends only’ with the help of my creative bff (also referred to “Louise,” my mom).  the lil’ space is perfect for small workshops, a little retail and offering custom gift services.

with the doors opening just a few days ago we’ve already got a couple events lined up this summer and are in the process of connecting with other clever + creative professionals to share their talent through upcoming workshops. (so stay tuned).  here’s what we’ve got so far:

:: S U N D A Y  |  6.28  ::BRACELET4

::  S A T U R D A Y  |  8.1  ::


:: visit  G I F T   A N D   G A T H E R   for info  ::

( now accepting workshop inquiries )



another few weeks have flashed by since the last blog post…and it’s been for good reason!  a few months ago i shared the details of a BLISS AND TELL custom product, under a previously named division, called  “B-SET.” after doing additional market research and brand discovery… myself and the B&T team have been working on the re-name, re-brand and re-launch for the custom designed BRAND-SET COLLECTION.  introducing…(yes…again…but with a new look and new name) LUCKY BOSS MARKET.

LUCKY BOSS.higreshere’s the scoop:

it’s so cool to think that what started out as a thought during a daily project meeting could turn into something that we’re now beyond excited to share.  a few months ago (okay, maybe like 9 months ago) my insightful crew and i brainstormed about, what now, is LUCKY BOSS MARKET.  LUCKY BOSS MARKET offers a collection of “brand-sets” that allow savvy business owners to cohesively tell the story about their brand at every touch point with their current clients and potential ones.

the concept is simple.  BLISS AND TELL BRANDING COMPANY  has designed beautiful and successful brands for nearly 5 years and has grown into a full-service design + branding studio.  so, of course…we combined our eye for design and the idea of a “one-stop-shop”  to deliver accessible & affordable printed pieces right to your door.  we’ve done all the work for you…and now you can finally “GET BRANDED’ in a smart, affordable and stylish way.  you no longer need to stress about working with a graphic designer, and then getting those designs to a printer for your business cards, and then going somewhere else to get stickers made,  or figuring out where to order a custom rubber stamp , and then looking for a local computer geek to code a blog for you. UGH!  like…don’t you want to just focus on running your business?  well, now you can. (for less than $600 bucks!)
packagethe newly launched LUCKY BOSS MARKET collection consists of 11 different brand-set styles.  within each brand-set are 5 color options, different type-set (font) options and lots of other cool goodies to consider (like a matching web/blog site…for real…fully cohesive and installed)  so while you’re still refining your product/services, and if you’re not quite ready to dive-in to the committment of ‘full branding’ or maybe you just need to stick within a budget — LUCKY BOSS MARKET is your answer….are you ready?
BLOG3in the next month we’re partnering with some amazing bloggers…to do some really cool contests and give-aways.  but in the meantime, cause we appreciate all of the B&T followers we are giving away THREE sets of 1000 custom brand-set designs business cards…(one to three individual winners).

(contest ends on monday 6/1 — remember to LIKE + LEAVE A COMMENT)

head over to the newly launched website… and check out the the full
:: which brand-set collection would you like to win the business cards from? ::

Y A Y !     G O O D    L U C K !



there are so many things i LOVE about working for myself and doing what i enjoy as a career.  however, i don’t think i’m alone when i say that “keeping up on all the social media marketing can really be a dreadful, agonizing, bummer-filled task” — tell me if you agree?  seems like every time i turnaround there is a new social media platform to join, learn about, master (and obsess over) in order to grow my readership/following.  (ugh…sigh….)  please don’t think i’m complaining about the free marketing opportunities and the new business that follows…it’s just…well…sometimes….exhausting!  (can i get an “amen!”)


for B&T it started with FACEBOOK, then the addition of PINTEREST, (i never really got into TWITTER), then INSTAGRAM and the most recent is PIPPIT (which i’m not too active on ….yet).  turns out, after a good look at the B&T google stats, out of all the social media referral sites PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM continue to send the most traffic (hits) to the BLISS AND TELL BRANDING COMPANY website.  for the past year PINTEREST has beat out FACEBOOK as my lead social media referrer with INSTAGRAM next in line.  these days i’m focusing more on PINTEREST + INSTAGRAM since people process images 60,000 times faster than text… 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visually based. although PINTEREST  may be considered “old news” when compared to INSTAGRAM i lean more toward PINTEREST because in my case the B&T client is typically creative women that are more likely to “curate” images (PIN) rather than “create” images (INSTA).
one of the most popular B&T images that has gone viral…and been re-pinned was the project for VINTAGE SOUL DESIGNS.  of course, internally i did a lil’ happy dance when i saw that my work had 322 re-pins, and i also noticed that several other B&T images , with a “longer” appearance and set-up, were also re-pinned multiple times over.  my PINTEREST TIP  for you is to make your images as LONG as possible.  longer images give you and your pin more screen-space…more “square footage” on the PINTEREST property.

if you’re ready to up-your-game on PINTEREST  here’s the scoop: i discovered the “pinterest perfection” online course by AMBER KANE available at the creative learning site ATLY. this is an online class, for you to take at your own pace and perfect your pinning skills.  if you dont already know about the easy-to-use ATLY…once you head over there you’ll want to sign up for more creative + business courses offered by other talented (and experienced) peeps.

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::   W H A T   I S   Y O U R   P I N T E R E S T   T I P ?   ::
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i’m still crushin’ on the update of the BLISS AND TELL BRANDING COMPANY website.  as you may have noticed there are some new projects added to the PORTFOLIO. it’s funny, within the same week that these client projects were updated on the site…two of them (my clients) reached out to me about continuing our collaboration.  i know that good design….takes time…and great design…takes even longer.  i explained to these two clients that a strong brand foundation is key to the success of their business…and the little details (while still being very important) will always be evolving.  your brand will change and grow with the changes and growth of you and your business.BLISS AND TELL WEBSITEi’m gonna give you an example using the analogy of branding your business to that of decorating your home.  now i am not an interior designer/stylist, but i have been through a house renovation and see there are similarities between the two.  building a brand identity/foundation is like determining the basic details of your home. understanding the look, feel + personality helps to define the basics…the foundation (ie: the flooring, the paint, the cabinetry etc.)   the lil’ details like rugs, pillows, window treatment etc.  will change (with time and trends) but the foundation…the basics…will go the long haul and last for a much longer period of time. does that make sense?

                                                                                                       :: photos are courtesy of  ::

successful brands are improving constantly…just like the MISS MUSTARD SEED brand that i’ve been lucky enough to work on for nearly 4 years now. my clients from OLDE TYME MARKETPLACE and GRACE are savvy business owners too…and i’m happy to hear about their changing design + branding needs because myself and the B&T team love to collaborate with them to work towards meeting those needs.

here’s a peak at what’s in place, so far, for OLDE TYME MARKETPLACE and GRACE.  i hope you’ll stay tuned as we enhance what we’re working with now…and share the next stage of their branding progress real soon.





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